The Skim:

In this episode of the “Seen and Herd” podcast, Allison Tristao is joined by Anja Raudabaugh, the CEO of WUD. They discuss various updates and issues in the dairy industry. 

Key topics include:

  • A farewell to Allison – Allison is moving on from WUD to her new role as a Resource Coordinator at the Lower Tule Irrigation District.
  • Highlights from the 2023 valley-wide tour of kitchen table meetings, including discussions about legislation, nitrates, and methane emissions.
  • Concerns about a recently qualified petition to terminate quota in California and the upcoming Producer Relations Board (PRB) meeting on this issue.
  • The ongoing debate about methane emissions and enteric regulation, along with concerns about potential increased production costs.
  • An overview of a ballot proposition in Sonoma County aimed at eliminating confined animal feeding operations over 200 animals.
    • Western United Dairies’ engagement and efforts to defend the dairy industry against this proposition.
  • A mention of slower times between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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