In this episode of Seen and Heard, Amanda Russell, the communications consultant for Western United Dairies, interviews Dr. Michael Payne regarding the avian influenza outbreak. Dr. Payne provides updates on the latest information regarding the outbreak, highlighting confirmed cases in North Carolina, South Dakota, and Ohio. Interestingly, the infected cattle in North Carolina showed no symptoms, raising concerns about asymptomatic transmission.

The discussion moves on to the recent order established for entry requirements for importing dairy cattle into California. Dr. Payne explains the enhancements made to the certificates of veterinary inspection, aiming to decrease the risk of missing animals incubating avian influenza during boundary inspections.

Dr. Payne addresses the absence of confirmed cases in California herds, offering advice to producers on preventive measures. Emphasizing the importance of biosecurity and isolation procedures, Doctor Payne recommends stringent measures for new herd additions and monitoring their health status regularly.

The episode concludes with a discussion on wild bird control and the need for proactive measures to prevent exposure to avian influenza in California. Dr. Payne stresses the significance of reporting unusual symptoms and discusses the resources available for further information.

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