During a recent episode of Seen & Herd, Western United Dairy CEO Anja Raudabaugh discussed the avian influenza outbreak in dairy cattle originating in Texas, representing a significant development in the epidemiological landscape. Beef and milk are safe to consume.

Symptoms affecting memory and lactation glands have a distressing impact on dairy cattle, including reduced milk production.

Due to the outbreak’s geographic spread across several states and the challenges associated with asymptomatic transmission, dairy farmers must take biosecurity measures and collaborate with veterinarians.

In the wake of the crisis, disruptions in production pose economic strains on dairy farmers, resulting in a collaborative effort to disseminate updated information and implement protective measures. As avian influenza poses unprecedented challenges to the dairy industry, Anja urges members to stay informed through reliable sources and to take proactive measures.

For the latest information on the outbreak, visit wudairies.com. For questions, please contact Anja at [email protected]

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