In September, a billboard was placed in Tulare County urging Californians to ditch dairy. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine paid for the billboard on Highway 99 in Tulare, claiming that most livestock emissions that cause climate change come from dairy. A pro-dairy billboard campaign was organized by Western United Dairies in conjunction with the Tulare County Farm Bureau and the Tulare Chamber as a response. The campaign is based on WUD’s Green Cow brand, which emphasizes the environmental sustainability advancements made by California Dairy Families.

WUD’s billboard can be seen at the International Agri-Center in Tulare off Highway 99. In addition to the billboards, you can download the graphics below to share on social media.

Earlier this year, the California Cattle Council ran a public affairs campaign built on our Green Cow brand, where they produced a television advertisement that showcased how California dairy farmers are tackling climate change. The TV spot can be viewed here.

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