Throughout the last decade, there has been a significant rise in suspicious activity and crimes that have befallen dairy producers statewide. 

Many can recall the drone incidents in Kern County, DxE activists flocking to Merced County like buzzards after flooding events, and the wide array of strange helicopters, trespassers, and activists causing a stir in Sonoma County. Previously, incidents like these have been reported to local law enforcement as well as to Western United Dairies, and we have proceeded to alert other dairies in the area. With the rise in these incidents, it has become clear that those actions aren’t enough, and going forward, we plan to submit a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) to the Central California Intelligence Center (CCIC) when crimes or suspicious activities are reported to us. 

Last week in Sacramento, I received training from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office to write up and submit SARs. Submitting a SAR helps communicate the information that dairy producers relay to us to the CCIC Fusion Centers, where it becomes more accessible to local, state, and federal law enforcement. This helps to ensure that law enforcement quickly knows what we do so they can better act on the information, especially if the individuals involved become active in other areas.

That all being said, if you encounter a suspicious individual, activist, trespasser, etc., the first step is always to contact local law enforcement. Afterward, please continue to contact WUD and share all the related information with us, such as license plates, pictures, the vehicle makes and models, and what occurred from your perspective so that we can submit a SAR and alert other dairies in your area. Doing so helps to make sure that the facts involved follow the individuals that choose to commit shady acts against you wherever they may go and increase the chances of them being held accountable for their actions.

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