There are now TWO specific links to use to report damage from the floods. These are SHORT EASY forms that take only a few minutes to complete. If you want to call TCFB/WUD to take a report we can even enter it in the forms for you.
*For dairies needing relocation and emergency milking permits, we have a list of permitted (now closed) dairies. Please contact us with your address and information (you do not need to be a WUD member)*

1. Tulare County AG Commissioner’s office needs Crop and Livestock damages reported here:

2. Tulare County officials need to also meet significant thresholds on structures and monetary losses related to damages to activate FEMA and other state/federal aid. The County needs to collect as much information about the damage as possible, and as soon as you feel the damage is clearly evident and you can evaluate the impacts. As farmers and producers begin to be able to evaluate damages from the flooding, and extreme weather events of the last two weeks, please document your losses and report them to both links in this email.
>> Click here to submit damages to the County of Tulare:
Anyone in need of assistance completing the Property Damage Form can call Tulare County RMA Call Center (559) 802-9791 between 8am – 8pm.

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