By WUD Government Affairs Team

Happy New Year from the WUD Government Affairs Team. Today, WUD along with our advocacy partners in organized labor, represented by the Teamsters Public Affairs Council, submitted a letter to the members of the Senate Climate Working Group highlighting dairy sustainability issues; including the industry’s efforts to help achieve the nation’s strongest climate goals of reducing methane emissions by 40% by 2023 and the importance of California-produced dairy products in ensuring access to nutrition for school-aged children and those who are experiencing food insecurity.

With the reconvening of the 2023-24 Legislative Session on January 4, WUD will be kicking off an advocacy campaign between our organizations and Senators highlighting dairy sustainability and public health issues. WUD’s advocacy team in Sacramento has learned that lobbying organization called “Leadership Council for Justice & Accountability” – who is openly critical of dairy farming is hosting a briefing later this month with Senators to discuss environmental sustainability issues. WUD is engaged on these events and is talking to key Senators today about California-produced dairy products and our industry’s role in leading the nation in environmental sustainability and meeting increasing market demands for California dairy products here and around the world. Dairies that will be subject to a drive-by “tour” portion of the meeting will be located around the Planada region in the Central Valley.

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