Courtesy of Golden State Dairy Newsletter: Deanne Meyer Livestock Waste Management Specialist, UC Davis and UC ANR

Just do it! Dairying is a complex business. Transitioning from one generation to the next can be emotionally filled: with pride, fear, anticipation, regret, etc. Its important to have a plan, so the next generation has the skillsets to succeed. Your next generation needs skills in managing people, cow husbandry, feed inventory, and farming. Theyll work with the accountant, nutritionist, veterinarian, and numerous other consultants to make informed business decisions. Determining where and when to invest in facility infrastructure is also critical to the success of the operation.

Lets spend time thinking through the quagmire of environmental regulations necessary to consider as your facility continues. Decisions in this area will impact the entire operation and economics. This is (unfortunately) not an exhaustive list. For dairies in the Central Valley, the looming changes associated with sustainable groundwater management, improving groundwater quality, and reducing greenhouse gases create a thought-provoking trifecta.

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