Yes, were on TikTok!

Its the platform everyone has heard of but anyone who has used a fax machine doesnt understand. Why is it important that we build a presence on a platform known for its viral dances? Gen Z Thats why. As of 2020, approximately, half of the American population are millennials or younger and Gen Zs are in line to become the next generation of consumers and constituents.

Expected to be the most educated generation, research conducted by the California Cattle Council found that these digital natives were the least knowledgeable about how beef and dairy products are produced in California, while also having considerably more negative perceptions of these products. Cattle Council research also found that Gen Z consumers are most likely to espouse negative perceptions of cattle in California and their role in producing food, with strong feelings that cattle and dairy cows are treated poorly. Their lack of knowledge is a clear indicator of the misinformation and underrepresentation of accurate sources on the platform they consume their news and entertainment on TikTok.

In a short amount of time, TikTok has accomplished what other social media platforms have been working on for nearly a decade to become a part of culture. Its trends songs, voiceovers, and dances are repeated by youth and young adults offline and IRL (in real life) every day. TikTok heavily influences their desires, aspirations and even purchase decisions.

Our emphasis on communication with Gen Z is based on the premise of educating the next generation of consumers and constituents. We wish to highlight the importance of the dairy industry, including sustainability improvements and technological advancements; access to nutrition; and humanizing our industry, featuring dairy families and their roles in dairy production and environmental stewardship. Other industries have capitalized on direct access to this target audience and are seeing their brands become relevant in mainstream culture.

Currently, the dairy industry is being underrepresented on these social platforms. The WUD Foundation sees an opportunity to leverage video to keep consumers engaged, educated, and satisfied. This investment allows us to increase industry awareness, attract new consumers, enlarge our community, and build a coordinated foundation.

As we develop content for this platform, we look forward to engaging with you and your families, highlighting the issues that we tackle as an industry, but also introducing the world to the things that are most important to us our families, our animals, our communities, and our #dairydogs or #dairycats.

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