By Deanne Meyer, Ph.D., Livestock Waste Management Specialist, UC Davis, Department of Animal Science, UC ANR

The AMMP application window is open! Up to $750,000 per application awarded, can be used to fund implementation of an alternative manure management practice. Manure collection and or separation categories include pasturebased management, alternative treatment or storage (including compost bedded pack barns), solid separation with subsequent management of solids and conversion of flush to scrape with subsequent management of solids.

If youre interested in the previous practices a new resource webpage is available through a joint effort of UC Cooperative Extension and California Dairy Research Foundation. Read AMMP practice factsheets. Watch recorded webinars about different practice categories. Hear and see videos to hear producers’ own words about technologies and AMMP process. New this year under solid separation are two new categories. Advanced separation assisted by bed filters and/or flocculation and vermifiltration. If you have questions about specific technologies don’t hesitate to reach out to your dairy trade organization staff or UC Cooperative Extension Dairy Advisor.


*Dairy producers can also reach out to for information on AMMP

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