The Western United Dairies Government Affairs  team continues to work with California  Cattlemans Association and the California Cattle  Council to engage producers and legislators in the  PolicymakerProducer Engagement Program. The  program focuses on engaging key legislators and  connecting them with producers in their  representative districts on member dairy and beef  operations. October 27th WUD member John  Verwey hosted Attorney General Rob Bonta &  Assemblymember Dr. Dr. Joaquin Arambula at his  dairy operation in Fresno. Verwey shared the ins and outs of his operation along with  what sustainability for California dairies looks like with a focus on GHGs, animal health  and wellness, and current production practices. The willingness of members to host the  program at their operation has been vital to program success. If you are interested in  learning more about the PolicymakerProducer Engagement Program please contact  your field representative or Anja Raudabaugh at [email protected].

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